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Featured on DIYNetwork.com "I Want That" #404 and BEST OF THE YEAR product - Family Review Center. It is a gift. Freshening up a room freshens up your life. Release your creativity. For artists, gesso with a smart brush.

Its more than a paint applicator, sweep out hard to reach places. Dust off cabinet edges, sides and backs. Keep it handy and put it to work cleaning the house. Ergonomic and professional, self hanging, easy to clean and liberated. 

A cut-in brush that transends painting.

Releases your hand's's dexterity. With a relaxed sure grip your strong arm muscles do the work. Less fatigue.

Greater satification.

  Read the report on it's ergonomics.

The unique hanging hook keep work and hands clean.

Price competitive and more useful than standard paint brushes.


GUARANTEED. Simply return the brush for a full refund via PayPal.

A photo of the ergonomic shape of the Right Brush.

Hand holding the Righ Brush.

The Right Brush hanging in a pain can.

“It just makes painting so much easier on the hand and wrist."

Kimberly Hutchins, physical therapist










The Right Brush is an elegantly designed professional paint applicator made with the finest push-chisel Polyester-Nylon bristles and double wall stainless steel ferrule. The white polypropylene handle cleans up quickly.

Available in 2 1/2” angle cut